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Do you feel you could do with practising French more often? Learn more useful French? Need to clarify certain points?

You might need to speak French more often to remember the French you have learned.

Learning French with a native French speaker could help you learn French faster and speak good French!


Whether you have an interest in learning French for business, to travel, purchase a property abroad, you are a student in French language at university, undertake a French GCSE, French A level, I can help you. I am experienced in teaching French privately. The lessons I propose are made especially for you!


Providing individual lessons, taking into consideration how you memorise words, enable me to provide you with better, faster result.

Some students have visual memories, some need to hear, speak and experience a subject to learn about it.

Knowing what method of learning would suit you best can enable me to provide you with lessons you will enjoy.


Learning another language at school can be difficult.

You did not learn your mother tongue in books, you learned to speak, then learned to read and write.

Why learning another language any other way?

It could be where we have gone wrong for centuries, teaching foreign languages through books, before having a chance to learn to speak.


Children learn French easily through play and adults remember French words they used better than words they read in a book.

Learning another language can be a lot of fun! Making mistakes, trying to pronounce a word with new sounds, can be a lot of fun!


Some children and adults seem to need to know a lot about a topic before experiencing the practical part.

These students tend to be very good at learning the theory of a new subject, can be successful at school, but could be a bit shy trying something new or something they know little about.


Others seem to need to experience, watch, listen and practise before looking more indepthly in a subject to learn its theory.

These usually can understand the theory better, once they had a chance to practise.


You might be one the lucky students who feels confident at the theory and the practice, in which case, you are a quick learner!


I can help, advice, teach you how to develop a business in France, purchase a property, help you fill your paperwork, teach what administration to go to, fill paperwork on your behalf, making researches on your behalf, contact third parties, translate your website in French, French SEO (displaying your website in Google), contact customers, lawyers, investors, employers, schools for you, get you in touch with English speaking lawyer specialised in International law based in France. Click here to find out more!


The situation in France for British nationals is rather complicated at the moment with the uncertainty of Brexit.

You can contact me if you, or a friend, need help in France.



I am currently available for interactive and conversational classes online after 7pm!



Did you know?


Many native speakers tend to forget their mother tongue if they practise another language fluently whislt not practising their mother tongue.

How do I not forget French?

I speak French everyday at work, with my child, I keep in touch with my family and friends, read a lot French and take part in conversations.


Our brain needs exercising, just like our body to keep fit. Speaking another language is a great exercise!

The more languages we speak, the more our brain gets stimulated! I speak 3 fluently! Another at intermediate level.


An Indian research suggests learning another language could help delaying dementia and could be greatly beneficial to older people.


I offer to visit nursing homes, play old French music, teach simple conversational French and songs people might know like Edith Piaf,

la vie en rose, French adaptation of old English songs.

Playing music older people like can make them feel good and revive happy memories.


The older generation knows interesting French.

Many can remember some French and quote "la plume de ma tante" my aunty's ink pen, "le singe est dans l'arbre" the monkey is in the tree.

It an ice breaker for sure! Something to laugh about together! Just like"excuse my French"!


Learning another language can be a lot of fun!