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Homework support :

Getting help to complete homework can boost a child's confidence at school.

Catching up with the program is important when a child has been away from school or did not perform well for a while.

I propose to support children from year 1 to year 11 (age 5 to 16) with their homework.

As an educational assistant, I used to help children learning their lessons, doing their homework up to GCSE level in French high school.

I also worked in Primary school.

I hold 6 A levels and equivalents in : French, English, Spanish, Philosophy, Web design, Electrical technology.


Supporting children with their homework, going back through the points they missed out on, can help them pass their GCSE and A level.

I am good at Maths, English, French, Spanish, IT, electrical technology.

I can also help with Geography, History and other topics by reading the coursework and books children use, I can spot their weaknesses and read through with them, finding the mistakes they made, then explain what they do not understand.


Some children learn well through reading and writing, some children need to watch documentaries, see photos, hear talks about a specific topic in order to learn, others need to experience what we are trying to teach them in order to learn.

Usually, the kids who are good at learning through reading and writing tend to need to know a lot about a subject before practising.

Whilst active children are more likely to need to experience the topic before looking more indepthly in the subject and read about it.


We all have individual needs in terms of education.

An old myth states we can either have a scientific mind or a more artitistic mind with a taste for words. It is true to an extend.

I was always good at arithmetic and languages. As a child, I enjoyed playing with words and numbers. So I developed an interest for Maths and languages. I reckon personal interest, tastes, motivation, experience, all contribute in shaping our strength and difficulties at learning.


In 2006, I have been hired by a French high school for my knowledge in Turkish language.

I would also teach Turkish children French, help them integrate French education, catch up with the program.

The school required to interprete Turkish with Turkish parents and translate official documents.


I am experienced in teaching French privately to English native speakers in Britain.

I have been teaching French to language lovers and children for years.

Children learn better through play and adults remember French words they used better than words they read in a book.


I offer to teach students privately online or around Colchester.

Whether you study French language at the University of Essex, French for business, French to travel,

lessons will be made especially for you, after I evaluated your strength and weaknesses in French and found out more about your expectation in learning French. The evaluation is completely free of charge.


I can help you learn enough French to get by traveling or working in France.

If you have a project, I can even contact a body or customer on your behalf, teach you what to say to them, teach you to how fill paperwork, where to go and what to expect.


French lessons online from 7pm til 11pm Monday to Friday!


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