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French Tuition online


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Childhood is made of memorable times, learning whilst having fun!

Empower young children teaching them French effortlessly through play!

Enora nanny in Colchester

Young minds are flexible and learn constantly!

Children enjoy being talked to. It is fun for them to repeat what we say, copy what they see.

They can learn another language whilst playing and repeating their routine.

My daughter is 3 year old. She understands French and English and speaks about 200 words in each language.

Could you do with time off on a Saturday? Maybe you'd like to do some shopping alone or have an occasional lay in?

Do you need somebody to do the school run, pick and drop your chidren from and to nursery?


French Ofsted nanny in Colchester, North Essex, offers school pick ups and drop offs for £4 per child in CO2 area!

Taking children out after school, on Saturdays and school holiday for only £4per hour per child!

Your child could learn French whilst having fun!


What will children do?

I offer to take children out for an hour or so after school and an hour at the library to do homework and learn more French.

On Saturdays and during half term, I offer to take children to the zoo during winter, parks over the summer, organise days out,

visit Highwoods county park, Ardleigh reservoir, Castle park, local museums and much more!


I like to provide children with a balance of time for physical exercise and intellectual activities.

Since children learn better and are more focused after active play, I make sure children go to the park or to the zoo before doing the homework!


I propose to do have active mornings and intellectual afternoons on Saturdays and school holiday.

About 1 hour active play combine with an hour or so of homework after school.


I propose to perform housekeeping duties outside hours of childcare.


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No contract needed unless you prefer one! No engagement! Just try!

All Ofsted nannies are insured to work with children and have valid paediatric first aid!

Available to work now!


Ofsted nanny in Colchester teaches French to Children


English Second Language ESL


Homework support / phonics / reading / writing English


Playwork / Outdoor activities / Craft


School pick up / Before and After school club


Stimulating an interest for engineering through play


Entertaining children on Saturdays


Before and after school clubs


Activities with children over half term


Free childcare available if you qualify for government funding*


Housekeeping outside childcare hours

*My 3 year old speaks French and English! If you think your child would benefit from interacting with another 3 year old, your child could learn French faster, whilst you can benefit from a huge discount on childcare. Bilingual nannies work for at least £12/15ph before tax, NIC and holiday pay.

I offer to work with her from £10ph with no other fee. Call 07868544634 now to find out more!


**Government funding towards childcare aims to help parents work, support young children's individual needs and personnal development with respect to the EYFS. (Early Years Foundation Stage)

The EYFS is the government's program used by every child carer in England. It aims to support all areas of development for children aged 0 to 5.

The framework is excellent and supports all areas of learning and development.


The areas of learning are :

Personal, Emotional, Social development, Physical development, Communication and language, Understanding the world, Literacy and Maths, expressive art.


Ofsted values child development through play and experimenting.

Children must be allowed to experience a variety of games including messy play, craft, painting, play in the garden, woods, countryside, sandpits...

Parents should be open to the idea children learn better through a balance of child led and adult led play and will get messy.


The funding for the under 5s is to boost the young children's capacities through play. It should not be used to cover cleaning costs.

Naturally, I tidy up the mess children made whilst I was on duty for free and would take responsibility for the mess we make.


Teaching school age children to tidy their bedrooms, teenagers to tidy and clean well .

These tasks are educational would be included in the cost of childcare.

It is safer to clean whilst young children are away.


The government childcare funds to under 5, is to deliver the EYFS through play.

It is ideal to book cleaning session seperate to childcare.


On the Left is a presentation of my work in Turkish.


On the right is a video to introduce myself in French.


These videos serve proving who I am as well as the fact


I speak both languages fluently.

About me


My name is Enora, I am a nanny registered with Ofsted as well as a French language tutor in Colchester CO2, Anglia, Essex, near Suffolk.

By registering with Ofsted, I signed up to a code of good conduct and practice.


I strive to deliver the EYFS Early Years Foundation Stage in a friendly, stimulating environment.

I subscribed to a third party liability insurance, own a valid paediatric first aid certificate, I am a member of PACEY, a charity setup to keep childcarers up-to-date.


I aim to promote healthy emotional development in young children.

I make sure children benefit from a balance of physical exercise, educational play, time to rest in between and a good quality of interaction with their peers.


Children develop speech and learn a language better when interacting with their peers!

I offer to work at a discounted rate with my bi-lingual 3 year old if your child is close in age and would benefit from social interaction.*


I am experienced in caring for young children, teenagers, teaching French, doing housework. I am good at sleep training children, instoring a healthy bed routine, make sure meals are balanced, I have potty trained young children, I am experienced in making young children bi-lingual, provide homework support, care for individual needs, tutoring reading, writing, phonics, French and English.


I can cook food from scratch for children with allergies.

I offer to take children to school, after school clubs and picking them up.


I encourage under 2s to sleep during the day.

Sleeping during the day helps children maintain a healthy bed routine at night. Toddlers from 2 to 3 can also sometimes need to nap or rest after lunch to avoid running hyperactive later through the day.


I have recently worked for a family whom 4 year old didn't speak a word of French when I started working for the family in January.


She now speaks fluent French. She couldn't read and benefited from homework support in reading, writing, phonics with me.

She can now read and knows her phonics.


The children's best interest is at the centre of my priorities.

I take the children's mental health and healthy psychological/emotional development seriously.


I promote happiness teaching speech and language whilst having fun!

I will be honest with you and tell you honestly how I think your children's needs are evolving, if your child seems to be going through a difficult phase, to make prompt suitable arrangements to help the child.

I enjoy working with children who have an additional need.

I am willing to undertake further training in order to help a child reach his/her full potential.


I am a skilled housekeeper and provided high standards of cleaning for years! We can arrange for me to clean outside my hours of childcare when children are young.**


I own a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner which we can arrange to use ideally outside my hours with the kids.

Note children will always come before cleaning duties!


I undertake a lot of CPD (Complementary Professional Development)

I learned about :


Safeguarding Children, Supporting Children with Speech, Language and Communication needs, Expectations and Behaviour, Autism Awareness, Delivering the EYFS, EYFS Progress Check at Age Two, Early Years Mental Health Awareness, Introduction to Best Practice for Two Year Old, Little Big Bang Theory - Science in the Early Years, Teaching Phonics, Playwork.


I am currently studying :

Level 3 Special Educational Needs

Level 3 Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Level 4 Child Psychology

Level 5 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


I have a level 4 in IT, level 3 BTEC electrical technology, which enables me to stimulate an interest for engineering in young children, introducing children to technology and keep children safe online.


I own Level 4 qualifications from France and United Kingdom.

I worked in France and in United Kingdom for years.

I speak, read and write fluent Turkish and intermediate Spanish.


I hold a full clean driving license, own a vehicle and clean DBS check (CRB).

I am educated in Childminding, IT, electrical technology, foreign languages.


Recently I obtained 2 distinction for the following courses:

Level 3 Child Behaviour and Level 3 Children And Young People's Workforce Early Learning and Childcare.


No agency fee apply to hire me as a nanny when hiring my services through this website! Prices are negotiable.

As a parent, I understand how difficult it is to trust a stranger to look after your child. I will meet you when ever is convenient for you.


I can provide you with evidences of all the facts I wrote down on the website and references you can check and even meet! Visit the New Inn Pub in Colchester, a family friendly pub, enjoy delicious foods!

Ask for Shannon or Joe! They serve a fantastic selection of beers and ales!