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Baby enjoys books



French Tuition


Childhood is made of memorable times, learning whilst having fun!

Empower young children teaching them French effortlessly through play!

Support children's well-being with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Enora nanny in Colchester

Young minds are flexible and learn constantly!

Children enjoy being talked to. It is fun for them to repeat what we say, copy what they see.

They can learn another language whilst playing and repeating their routine.

My daughter is 3 year old. She understands French and English and speaks about 200 words in each language.

Learning another language through play is fun! Children can learn French Fast with a French nanny!


My name is Enora, I am a nanny registered with Ofsted working around Colchester in Essex.

I live in St Michael, the old army estate. I teach French to young children, phonics, Maths, English, science through play!

I also speak, read and write fluent Turkish and intermediate Spanish!


A top education can be achieved with hard work, play and peer interaction. I undertake a lot of training to support children the best I can!

Children's behaviour can be problematic. I practise CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy aims to help children think about their behaviour, find the triggers for unwanted/negative behaviour to modify y behaviour. As well as behaviour modification, CBT can help dealing with anxiety, stress, depression....

I am a member of the BABCP and am insured to be a nanny and practise counselling and CBT.


Neuro-linguistic Programming is a method complementing CBT, aiming to teach individuals to relax, take control of their thought and improve inner well-being.


I passed several qualifications related to childcare and counselling:

Level 3 Children and Young People's workforce Early Learning and Childcare, Level 3 Child Behaviour, Level 4 Child Psychology, Level 5 Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Level 3 NLP practitioner and obtained a Distinction for each course I undertoook related to childcare.

Currently, I am undertaking a Bachelor degree in Psychology with the University of Rennes.


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All Ofsted nannies are insured to work with children and have valid paediatric first aid!

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Ofsted nanny in Colchester teaches French to Children


Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for children


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On the Left is a presentation of my work in Turkish.


On the right is a video to introduce myself in French.


These videos serve proving who I am as well as the fact


I speak both languages fluently.